Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poila Baishakh - Rai & Rio

Now we all know what that is. It is the day when my mum and mashi collected 'tholkhoroch' from the naive elders with the simple act of 'pronam'. Every pronam deserved a payment of 5 , 10 , 20 or sometimes from really elderly relatives 50 rupees (just because the denominations were a bit blurry to them). Actually I am told it is the day of the Bengalee New year !

But what does it mean to us today in this hemisphere, this age when it falls just after the Easter long weekend. You would think we would atleast get to wear new clothes to school . But mumum was not that organised. So we went to school in our faded jeans and jumpers. But being the lazy bengalee that she is she still made her point by making us wear new pjs at the end of the day going to bed! So here we are in our bright colored new PJs, sleepy eyed and ready for bed, looking like twins celebrating Poila Boisakh with a difference!

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  1. Hehe, good one. At least they got to wear PJs. When I have kids, I think they will not even get new underwear.